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Dear Customer

In order to provide you with better performance & more stable servers we would be upgrading our Current Windows 2008 Server OS to Windows 2012 R2 Web Server to heavy duty server with latest Intel Xeon CORE Processors & minimum 32 GB RAM Server.

Why the need of Migration ? : As a part of our Quality assurance policy we regularly upgrade our infrastructure to meet the Industry standards & to protect the servers from any possible sign of crashes / down times. Since hard drive of  the servers are mechanical devices hence we have a time frame of upgrading the hardware the moment it reaches its 3 years running phase. This servers have nearly completed their three years of operations and hence we feel its right time to move it to heavy duty servers which would not only improve the overall performance but also offer the latest hardware to meet the industry standards.

Server Specs:

Intel E 1240 3.3 Ghz with HT
32 GB Ram
1 X 128 GB SSD
1 X 1 TB HDD
1 X 2 TB HDD
Windows 2012 R2

Time / Schedule : Feb 06, from 2030 PST to 0300 Feb 07, 2016 (+5 MT)  (Apporx 6 Hours)

IMPACT :  All services would be down during the final migration of the server.  

Please free to contact us if you have any questions / queries in this regard.

Warm Regards,

Team Allianzhost